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Mark reflecting

Mark was born in Cape Town and spent much of his early years between waves, mountains, wind and books. His interest in cameras started at a young age, but grew exponentially when his mother loaned him a Nikon FM2 35mm SLR when he left school.

Armed with this he spent time playing with film and light and experimenting with black and white film.

Mark studied Business Science (Finance) at the University of Cape Town. He then took an interest in applying business systems and synergies to processes through the use of IT. After building ERP systems for manufacturing plants, he then moved into financial software. He has spent the last eight years in London, England, working on trading systems for the worlds largest banks. In between he has travelled extensively and explored the 'nooks, crannies and alleys' of distant lands and cities (far far away).

He has completed photography courses both in Cape Town and in London.

He is currently spending time in Cape Town and focusing on things like building this website - a foundation for parading many more years of happy shooting.

He is shooting often and will be updating this site with more thematically specific work.

Besides photography, he enjoys travelling, surfing, exercising, DIY, cooking and reading (pretty much anything). He loves 'adventuring' with his wife Jane.

keep a lens on this space.


contact: rutherfordphotograph@gmail.com

Mark Rutherford